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Merchology Launches Zusa, An Apparel Brand Build on Quality and Sustainability

October 03, 2019


We wanted a better way to co-brand. So we built it.

Meet Zusa.

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At Merchology we are proud to offer over 200 of the world's leading retail brands. However, no one brand was able to meet all of our qualifications for the perfect co-branding apparel brand... so we made our own

Our goal was to create a line of clothing and accessories that's stylish, comfortable, and sustainable. We are proud to say that all Zusa products are sustainably made and ethically sourced! We also wanted to give our customers the option of receiving their custom merch as fast as possible, so we moved all production and inventory in-house. You can now get personalized Zusa apparel decorated and delivered in just 4 business days!

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All Zusa apparel and bags are designed with your company logo in mind, down to the smallest functional details. After decades of experience outfitting businesses and workers across the globe, our team knows what it takes to craft a well-made, comfortable garment – especially one meant to showcase your logo and the brand behind it.Style and Sustainability Header

However, building great products isn’t enough. We believe that we are ALL responsible for the health of the planet we live on, so we wanted to build products that are better for the environment and the people who live here. That’s why 89% of the Zusa line is made from recycled materials, and 100% of the line is made in factories that set the standard in social and environmental responsibility. We’ve already repurposed over 1.5 million water bottles into our garments, and we’re just getting started.
Check out the Zusa collection to see our assortment of polo shirts, t-shirts, fleece layering pieces, jackets, bags, and more.

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