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Business Travel Tips

Traveling in the business world means working on the go. Let’s be honest, there’s the right way to travel and then there’s definitely the wrong way to travel… especially when it comes to a business trip. Many struggle with this which is why we decided to highlight our top 5 favorite business travel hints. Let’s jump right in.

  1. Remember to stay productive and on task when you’re not in the office. Even if you’re in a location that feels like paradise, remember that you’re there for a reason. Find a work space away from all distractions and beautiful views and dial yourself in. It’s obviously okay to enjoy yourself in place you’re visiting from time to time, but don’t lose sight of what brought you there in the first place.
  2. Decide what needs to go and what can stay when packing your suitcase. It can be helpful to plan out outfits for each day depending on how long your trip is and what type of dress code is required. Create a check-list of all essentials such as laptop, business cards, handouts, notebook, etc. Double-check that you packed all of those must-haves so you aren’t left in a panic upon your arrival.
  3. Conversation starters are key. Knowing how to start a conversation in business meetings is something that some people really have a tough time with. Doing your research ahead of time can be a game changer so that you can break the ice as soon as you walk into the room. Check out this blog for some unique travel-inspired icebreakers that are sure to make that good first impression.
  4. Filing your expenses can be easier if you do it right. Keep your receipts organized by day so you’re not scrambling last second when they’re due. You can write notes on the back of them as well to remind yourself of important details from specific expenses.
  5. Charge, charge, charge the night before your travel day. Your wait time at the airport is the perfect time to get some work done and there’s nothing worse than a laptop that’s on its last bar of life. Bring an extra charger on the go as well so you that you can take advantage of the on-the-go outlets while you have them.

These are just a few of our favorite helpful travel tips that can benefit you on your next business travel trip. Still looking for more? Check out this article that contains some great insight on a stress-free visit when traveling for business. Oh, and don’t forget to check back here for any customized travel essentials that can help you travel in style.