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Merchology gift card

The holiday season is here and annual holiday shopping excursions have been underway for weeks. At Merchology, we pride ourselves in offering custom, embroidered corporate apparel. If you are still looking for last minute gifts, a gift card is the perfect way to show your appreciation for your employees or staff. With more than one reason to give the gift of choice, gift cards are a suitable fit for everyone on your list including friends, family members, coworkers, and employees.

  • Purchases made with gift cards tend to be more memorable since people get to choose what they desire. They get to pick out the new golf accessories or the luggage bag that they may want or need. For this reason, people are more likely to remember what they bought with gift cards over using cash or credit cards.
  • When it comes to benefiting the gift givers themselves, gift cards work well because they can be tailored to match any budget no matter how big or small. The ability to issue a specific card value makes gift cards easy, customizable gifts.
  • Gift card recipients engage in guilt-free spending because they view the gift as a luxury. They see it as a wonderful opportunity to get themselves something they want that is personal to their own tastes and style. Say the same person got a cash bonus, that money may go into his or her bank account and be used to pay bills or saved for future use. Gift cards allow someone to truly treat themselves to something special.  
  • Gift cards are a great conversation topic between employees and friends. Most people have no problem talking about their latest gift card purchase, especially if it was something they’ve always wanted or an item they got for a deal. Gift cards can produce employee excitement!

Giving last minute gift cards is a convenient way to give gifts that recipients love. Most people find amusement in figuring out how to spend them and what to purchase for themselves. We’ve got you covered with Merchology gift cards! With card denominations from $25 all the way up to $500, your employees and customers will officially be crossed off your holiday gift list. Adding to the convenience factor, our gift cards are digital and will be emailed immediately after your purchase! Place a Merchology gift card order today or contact us with any questions.